Saturday, March 19, 2011

THE TIME OF ANGELS - Amy Pond's Style

The Doctor, Amy Pond, and Dr. River Song face an army of Weeping Angels that have been trapped in caves for centuries in one of series 5's two parter episode "The Time of Angels"/"Flesh & Stone". Here, Amy wears a very simplistic outfit consisting of an over-sized red hoodie, a black denim mini skirt, some black sheer tights and blue converse.

The over-sized sweater is the exact one that the brand American Apparel makes. It's called the "Unisex Dolman Sleeve Hoody". Unfortunately, right now they have every other color BUT red. It might be out of stock but you can contact your local store and they just might have it. (I haven't found any duplicates but if anyone finds one, please let me know and I'll update the post)

I didn't find much luck with the skirt, but you could easily pair it off with these two Forever21 skirts (depending on your style and comfort):

There's this "woven panel mini" that's under $20. It has pretty cool stripes on the skirt and it's a pretty alternative if you want to add some flair.

Then there's this bandage skirt:

and depending on your style and comfort this could be a perfect alternative!

The tights can be found anywhere from your local drugstores (personally I buy most of my tights from rite aid and CVS and they've last pretty good). The Chuck Taylor's can be bought anywhere from SEARS, Target, etc. If you have a Modell's in your area, you should definitely check them out. I got my pair of Chuck Taylor's for under $40 dollars which I believe is pretty inexpensive for them. So far the price ranges for them go between $30 - $40 dollars or more depending on the style. Here's a high top striking blue pair at Robert Wayne Footwear.

Personally, this is one of my favorite outfits that Amy has worn so far. I love the laid back, almost young girl approach to her wardrobe when normally, she seems to have a very flirty attire which in essence pretty much makes up our gal, Amelia Jessica Pond.

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